Exhibitions 2023

Prop Exhibition

Are you a hoarding little dragon? It is time to rummage through your closets, open the dusty drawers or even just find those latest props anew – behold, the popular Prop Exhibition of Ropecon is back at it again! Bring your treasures forth!

At the Prop Exhibition we get to showcase various props that have played an important role to the players or in the execution of a game. We welcome props of all sizes, costume ensembles, individual pieces of clothing, theater weapon props as well as other props used at the game location itself. Your prop can be from a larp or a tabletop role-playing game, for example a letter your character wrote, a luck stone or a map! Props of all sizes, big and small, are welcome!

In addition to the props, we also welcome short stories and background descriptions of each prop. Have you made the prop yourself? Why was it important to your character? Was this the very dagger that was used to kill the king? Tell the story of your prop to all of the convention attendees!

Props can be owned by a private person or by an association. The owner of the prop can also stay anonymous if they so wish.

Sign-up has closed in 27th July.

All the people who have signed-up will be contacted within the few weeks preceding the event regarding the final approvals.

More information regarding the arrangements can be inquired from:

Artist: Räyh – Carolin Sajur

Art Exhibition

It is possible to yet again bring along your artwork and showcase it in the Ropecon Art Exhibition! There will also be voting for the audience favorite alongside the exhibition. The winners will be rewarded with gift cards at the closing ceremony. 

This year the Art Exhibition will be part of a big exhibition area where specified exhibitions and figurines will also take place, and prop exhibition will also make a comeback.

One can sign-up 1-4 pieces to the Art Exhibition, with a maximum size of A3. The artworks will in advance receive a designated partition spot and laminated artwork and artist presentation texts. It is also possible to bring portfolio files to showcase in the exhibition.

Sign-up has closed in 20th July.

More information regarding the arrangements can be inquired from: