The Past and the Future

28th to 30th of July, 2023
at the Expo and Convention Centre Messukeskus, Helsinki

Ropecon is over for this year, thanks to all 7100 participants!

You can inquire about lost and found items at

Ropecon is the largest non-commercial role-playing convention in Europe organised entirely by volunteers. Each year Ropecon brings together both role-playing game enthusiasts as well as professionals in the field of gaming.

The three day festival offers a variety of programme suitable for attendees of all ages ranging from tabletop and live-action role-playing games to card games, board games and miniature wargames. And Ropecon is not just about playing, as we offer variety of presentations, panel discussions and workshops, as well as dance ball, boffer sword fighting tournament, and plenty of other contests and so much other programme, that it’s impossible to experience it all during Ropecon.

Where ever you come from, you’re welcome to experience the Ropecon spirit!