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Fairy Godparent Tickets

What is a Fairy Godparent Ticket?

Ticket store has a new ticket called the Fairy Godparent Ticket. But what exactly is this mysterious ticket type? In this blog post we will further explain the meaning behind the Fairy Godparent ticket and tell you how to apply for it.

In the year 2022 the event received a donation which they hoped would make the event more accessible to people with low income background and due to financial hindrances would not be able to attend the event. 

In the year 2023 we wanted to continue this good practice for the event, and so the Fairy Godparent ticket was born.

Who is entitled to receive a Fairy Godparent ticket and how can one apply for it?

Fairy Godparent ticket offers an entrance to the event for people with a low income background who otherwise can’t afford to buy a ticket due to financial reasons. We want to create a low-threshold way to attend the event and applying for a Fairy Godparent ticket is one of those ways.

One Fairy Godparent ticket gives access to Ropecon 2023 for the entire weekend 28-30 July, 2023. The donation ticket receivers will be decided in a raffle from among the applicants on July 17, 2023, and the tickets are delivered via email before the event. If there are less Fairy Godparent ticket applicants than there are available tickets, all applicants will receive a ticket.

You can apply for Fairy Godparent tickets through this Google Forms application:

I want to buy a Fairy Godparent ticket to be given to someone else, how can I do that?

You can buy a Fairy Godparent ticket from the webshop. The ticket is a donation ticket and does not include an admission for its buyer. The sale for Fairy Godparent tickets ends on July 16, 2023.