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Anti-harassment policy 2023

Info Desk

Info Desk can be reached from the number +358 44 977 2033

Info Desk is open throughout the convention. Security stewards can be contacted through the Info Desk.

Anti-harassment personnel

Anti-harassment personnel can be reached from the number +358 44 977 2043

Anti-harassment contact persons can also be contacted via email at before, during and after the event.

If you experience or witness harassment or inappropriate behavior, you can report it to the anti-harassment contact persons by calling, email or by following form.

Let’s make Ropecon a great and safe experience for everyone

Ropecon is a public event that brings together attendees of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. Ropecon and its organisers want to provide everyone with a safe space and a pleasant experience at the convention. Harassment or bullying of any kind are not allowed at Ropecon, both in the physical event and on the event’s online platforms. So please remember to treat others with respect throughout the convention weekend.

Examples of harassment include inappropriate or unwanted behaviour, such as insults, name-calling, derogatory language or comments about someone’s gender or appearance, unsolicited or intrusive sexual comments and suggestions, unwelcome sexual advances, stalking, aggressive or intimidating behaviour, unwanted touching or other physical contact. Anyone can experience harassment regardless of their gender, age or life experiences. Everyone has their own personal definition on what they experience as harassment, and it should be respected.

Harassment can be both intentional and unintentional. Sometimes a joke or a comment you perceive as funny or innocent can make someone else feel uncomfortable or anxious. It is important to respect other people and their feelings. If someone feels that your behaviour, actions or words are being inappropriate and/or if someone calls you out on it, stop immediately. Please note that repeated inappropriate behaviour or harassment may result in your permanent removal from the convention and the venue.

If you are being harassed, tell the perpetrator to stop if you can do so. If you notice something that might be harassment or that someone else is being harassed, do not hesitate to ask the people involved if everything is OK and if they need help. If needed, you can always reach out to our security stewards or Ropecon’s info desk. Please act this way, especially in a situation that feels threatening.

Anti-harassment contact persons

You can also contact our anti-harassment contact persons. The event’s anti-harassment contact persons are trained volunteers who are available throughout the event to all event attendees as conversational help. During the event, you can reach the harassment contact person around the clock by call, SMS, WhatsApp, and email. The numbers of persons can also be found from the Ropecon info leaflet.

We at Ropecon encourage people to report all cases of harassment to our anti-harassment contact persons, even if the situation is resolved without help from our staff members or security stewards. By reporting all incidents you can not only discuss with our anti-harassment contact persons about what happened, but also help us take the necessary actions to ensure that Ropecon will become an even safer convention for everyone in the future.

We also recommend all attendees to read through the safety and security protocol of Ropecon in advance before arriving at the venue.