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Costume contests 2023

Costume contest instructions for 2023

In honour of Ropecon’s celebratory year there will be two costume programmes: Design Contest and Costume Show. In the Design Contest participants compete for the title of the best self-designed and executed costume, whereas the Costume Show format goes along the lines of the traditional costume contest!

Design Contest

Participation in the Design Contest can be done individually or in a small group (2-5 people). One can participate in the contest with costumes that are made by the contestant or a group member. One can participate in the contest with a costume that is designed by the contestant itself or designed by someone else, but there is no official source material on the costume or it has been made into its own version. These include for example literature heroes, role-playing characters, gijinkas or anything else your imagination has created.

Maximum of 10 groups can participate in the Design Contest and the group sign-up positions are filled on a first come, first served basis. The top three participants or groups will be awarded and are chosen by a panel of judges. The contestants are evaluated based on the technical aspects, details and the level of difficulty.

The participants have a chance to perform a small-scale performance included in their stage show. The duration of the performance can be a maximum of two minutes, with no minimum duration. The performance is not compulsory and it does not affect the evaluation done by the judges.

The contest includes evaluation in advance by the panel of judges, photography and stage show. The awards will be given after the contest.

The sign-up has closed on 27th of July. 

The sign-up is done by filling out the sign-up form in Google Forms. In addition to your personal information, the name and source of the character should be filled. More information about the characters and source materials are gathered separately from the contestants.

Costume Show

The Costume Show is Ropecon’s traditional costume programme where attendees get to introduce their costumes to the audience. The sign-up for the Costume Show is done at the counter nearby the photography point.

The Costume Show sign-up is done on Friday 28th of July, 2023 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 29th of June, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Costume Show sign-up might occasionally be congested, meaning it is good to reserve some time for queueing. In addition to the sign-up, the contestants of the Costume Show are to be photographed at the photography point and, if they so desire, they can participate in the stage programme.

The Costume Show is not a contest, but the audience has a chance to vote for their favorite in the following categories:

  • Cutest Sight
  • Most Impressive Costume
  • Celebratory Feels
  • Funniest Idea
  • Dragon of the Year

The voting is done with the form that can be found on Ropecon’s website. The form is online on Saturday 29th of July, 2023 on the week of Ropecon on Ropecon’s website and social media.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our cosplay coordinator via email: