Ropecon 2009 © Marko Saari

Call for Volunteers 2023

Call for volunteers has ended!

The Call for volunteers has ended and our team is currently processing the applications – thank you so much for those who have already applied!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Krista Juva & Tero Suoniemi
Volunteer Coordinators 2023

Volunteer Benefits

One does not of course get any salary from volunteer work. 

The volunteers, just like our program organizers, get a weekend wristband for the event as a thank you for their work. By working 8+2 hours in our volunteer work tasks (2 x 4h shifts or 1 x 8h shift, plus 2h being on standby) you get a weekend wristband to Ropecon. A wristband one has earned from volunteer work can’t be given to another person.

During the event we offer proper food at the event, and there is a staffroom with beverages and snacks available for the volunteers during the entire duration of the event. On Monday right after the event there will be a staff after party where all the volunteers that have one way or another helped make Ropecon happen are welcome to come and enjoy good food and good company. Upon request one can also receive a certificate of employment stating their work tasks at Ropecon.

The volunteers that have signed up at the latest by 22th of June 2023 and have done the required 8+2 working hours get a volunteer shirt for free. Other volunteers can redeem a shirt for themselves at cost price. (Program organizers have their own guidelines.)

The attendees can recognize the volunteers of the event from their badges. As a new feature this year we hope every person’s badge also includes their first name, among other reasons to further improve our anti-harassment policies. For justifiable reasons you can use only your nickname: in these cases, kindly contact the volunteer coordinators.

The benefits of the volunteers can differ on a yearly basis.